Sign Up For Voice Dispatch Alerts

Litchfield County Dispatch has implemented notification software that will send a Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) to your phone or an email address with the voice dispatch for the service you belong to. Upon sending a request, LCD will obtain authorization from the service chief before the request is approved. This software alerts by service tone. Users that sign up for services that share the same tone for Fire and Ambulance will get alets for both.

This notification works by sending an email to an email address or your mobile phone via MMS email address. Some mobile phone carriers do not support MMS via email. If your mobile carrier is not listed, it may not be supported. Please select "My carrier is not listed" and we can investigate further to see if your carrier is supported.

Signing up for this service requires approval and your application may take time to be approved. Approved applications are entered into the system on a weekly basis.

***Using this means of notification does not replace your pager. This notification method depends on the Internet and commercial cellular carriers which can be prone to both planned and unplanned outages or delays. ***

Mobile Carrier only needs to be entered if you want to get alerts via MMS to mobile phone.
If your mobile carrier is not listed above, please enter mobile carrier here.
Mobile number only needs to be entered if you want to get alerts via MMS to mobile phone.
Please select the service you want voice notification for. You will automatically be added to the Countywide Alert group.
I agree and understand that the Chief of Service for the requested voice dispatch must approve my application before my account becomes active. I also understand that this service does not replace my pager and this service can experience planned and unplanned delays and outages.